Welcome, traveller. You have now entered the Feyrlands.

Keep your wits about you, and your blade at the ready.



A deadly mine. Inhuman savages. Sinister forces.

30 years in the military could not prepare Sergeant Vila Kiprik for his final posting at Demon’s Deep quartz mine.

The tunnels are overrun by maddened ‘once-men’. There’s missing miners to locate, unpredictable magical forces at work, and time is running out.

Can Kiprik and his squad battle mystical beings in their hunt for the missing miners?

Will they retain their grip on reality?

Will raw strength and training see Kiprik through his most ruthless challenge, and into retirement?

Grab a copy of this fantastically gritty debut filled with complex characters and heart-pounding adventure. An unmissable new Gaslamp fantasy world from S. P. Stevens.

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by S. P. Stevems | Narrated by Nigel Peever

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Ides of the Feyrlands

It is with regret that the Council commands the Six Hundred to take every proactive action to combat this curse on our kin, this agent of sickness and insanity.

Excerpt from the Garacle. The Sedari tablets. circa hg.80

Hathod was his name, and his dominion the Red Plains of Eshendor to the Mogal Mountains. Seeing he was the only food left, the ostriches pecked out his eyes, then the brain from within his skull and the flesh from his bones.

Ranker’s Charge – Brax’s Campfire Tales

Some godly shield, a divine light, magic, who could say? But there was no liquefaction, no mangled features or deformed limbs.

Ranker’s Charge – The Miasma

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