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Welcome to The Feyrlands



There was a resounding crack as the deck swapped vertical again. The younger children whimpered into their mothers’ skirts while their fathers mouthed silent prayers to Norgod. The hold was packed with Krellen refugees, scores of families taking the gamble of a crossing over the rough sea to escape the horrors back home.

Guyen looked on, bracing himself next to the stairway. His hair was an unkempt black nest, his eyes green and his stare dark for his seventeen years. Another huge wave impacted the side of the failing schooner and he tasted salt spray. A swinging oil lamp crashed to the floor, spilling flaming liquid onto a young girl. A quick-thinking Krellen woman covered her in a blanket to extinguish the flames.


Stade Crusade was packed, loud and angry. A blue half and a gold half, all intent on shouting the other side down. The Flags players may, or may not, have been aware of the fighting which had just broken out between two sets of supporters in the west stand. 

The Crusaders’ star player dominated the game. A huge man, he was even more impressive riding his mountainous, black stallion. He bore down on the Hackers’ shield team as if they were children and they broke, revealing the flag carrier – a man in full armour carrying the Hackers banner on a long pole. He clattered the man with his sword, the force on his armoured forearm clanging around the hexium. The Crusader swung low on his stirrups, and picked up the pole in his free hand. The gong sounded and a roar went up around the stands, the crowd chanting Vadil—Vadil—Vadil. Guyen had heard of him. He was a legend.


There was another presence in the room – a ghostly version of the old crone. Her Similar, he was sure. It was strange to see another one.

That she was so old and still had one was remarkable in itself, but more worryingly, it floated around as if hunting for someone, or something. Guyen had a horrible feeling it was Toulesh she sought. He had heard that if you could see someone’s Sim, they could see yours.

He had been careful to keep Toulesh folded in the moment he had noticed the apparition, but had a sinking feeling she had already seen him.

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